Can't open schematic

When I try to open a schematic that I have created, it just pulls up an empty screen. I can see the preview of it, but when I open it it is just blank, there is nothing there. None of the schematics open. The problem just started today, everything worked fine yesterday.

Hello @jpurserjr

Can you identify the software you are trying to use so I can get you to the right person?


The digikey SchemeIt tool.

The digikey SchemeIt tool.

Hello @jpurserjr,
Can you try opening your project now? I had the same issue yesterday but it appears to have been an internal issue that has been resolved.

Yes, I was able to pull my schematic up today when I came in. One of the odd things that happens is when you try opening the schematic it asks if you want to save before opening the new one. This is odd because I haven’t typed or added anything into the blank screen, I’m just immediately opening a schematic I have saved.