Can't order from while travelling in the US

I’m currently travelling in the US for work, but I live in Canada. I was on the .ca website and created a new cart. But the new cart is a US cart and follows all the rules for a US customer. $125 for free shipping, $20 to ship to Canada, and customs/duty is the responsibility of the customer.

The only way to do a proper .ca order was to use a VPN to connect back to Canada and create a new cart. I couldn’t even resume the old cart because it was still showing as a US cart.


Please contact our Sales Department at or call at 1-800-344-4539.

They can help you with this request.

I don’t want help. I’m bringing this issue up so that you can fix your website.

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Thanks for your feedback @oggie. I have forwarded this suggestion to our User Experience Team.

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Please see their response below:

"We don’t have any Geo-IP rules for Canadian customers (regardless where they are currently geographically). If they’re on the .ca domain they can select whichever currency they want.

Thank you."