Capacitor for ssb grounding

Hi all

I am new to this.

I am installing a HF radio on my steel sailboat. For the grounding of the tuner and the transmitter i will install a copper strap connecting both devices to the hull.
To prevent galvanic corrosion i need to solder in between each device and the grounding point 4 capacitators to the copper strap.

I need NPO or COG ceramic capacitators with the following specs:
.1 uF 600 V

Which will be easier to solder for a newbie?
Leaded or surface mount?

Can you post a link to a capacitator type that fits the specs and is in stock?

I am owerwhelmed with all the different types.



Is this a 600VAC or 600VDC capacitor?

Hi Karl
Thanks for the reply.
It should work a a DC block capacitator.

The through hole would be easier to solder. Take a look at this link for part numbers.

Thanks for the reply Karl
Are those ceramic caps?

No, they are film capacitors.

Thanks Karl
My manual says i should use ceramic ones because other “are lossy and can overheat if current is high enough”

Do you have ceramic ones as well in stock with the same specs?

Here’s a search for ceramic 0.1uF 630V C0G, NP0 capacitors in stock.

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