Capacitor identification for retrofit

I am trying to track down a replacement capacitor that is used in 1970-1971 automotive low fuel relay to illuminate a warning light based on the signal from the fuel sending unit. This one initially tested ok, but not when under any load.

As photo shows, cap has a red stripe, and marked .5±29%85° C 200V900

Appreciate any assistance, as caps from this era are clearly at (or exceeding) expected life span.

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Hello bpounds986, welcome to the Forum community. The closest we have to the .5uf value in 200V is .47uf 200v. These are the stocking options . If you wanted to go with an axial leaded type, the closest to the value that we have in stock is 1.5uf, 500D155M200BB5A-ND. You can compare sizes and see which option would be most appropriate for your application.

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Thanks! I’ll do some checking, but the first option looks like a possibility. May order some of those to experiment for functionality. Amazingly prompt reply! Kudos!