Capacitor identification

I am trying to find a replacement capacitor.

The capacitor is marked 5G5 VLPU 220 6,3v

When I search for that, Google recommends VLPS instead, and I get no info for VLPU. Based on searching digital-key, I assume its 220uF, but beyond that and the obvious 6.3 volts, I’m at loss for what other criteria is important. I have further tried to narrow it down with the dimensions, and I have a handful of possible replacements but specs like ripple current are way over my head.

The two I think match it are



This is a capacitor for my 3D printer, and this particular board make/model are not available anywhere in the US, UK, Canada, etc. The only supplier is China with an estimated 1-2 month lead time. I am hoping I can repair it with a capacitor.

Thank you for any help or insight.

Chances are fair that if you land in the ballpark of something similar to the original part, you’ll be OK. Of course, if it failed for reasons of being under-specified in the first place, the problem is larger than one bad capacitor…

Best I can infer from online chatter is that the VLPU series is an aluminum polymer type, which tends to have lower ESR than their standard aluminum electrolytic kin. Picking a replacement that’s of similar physical size and thus able to fit on the board would be a good choice. I’d think most any of these would be reasonable candidates, but if you want a specific part number, try 732-6476-1-ND if it’ll fit.