CCD/dev board combination for Sun sensor

Looking to get some insight on my options for a Sun sensor I’m working on building. I have chosen to use a CCD to capture the image of light coming from the sun and I am building a mask or “slit” that will be placed on top of the CCD in order to focus the light onto the CCD. My main issue is finding a fairly inexpensive ($300-$400) and easy to work with CCD/Development board combination that I can use for my sun sensor. My requirments are as follows:
Spation resolution: bigger the better but nothing crazy, I’d say anything around or greater then 300x300 pixels is fine
Speed and shutter: it will be capturing stationary or near stationary light so speed is not my concern.
Frame rate: one image will be processed at a time so anything 30/50 fr/s is plenty
Spectral responce: visible light
Well depth: I will only be using grey scale image processing and don’t need high quantity of information. 8 or 10 bits is plenty.
Here are a few options I looked at:
(this dev board looks like it is made for CCD’s however it is no longer used)
(this ccd is small but it has a chip carrier which can come in use since I can make a PCB to harness it. Would like more info on this one however)
There are many ADC development boards I see online however I am unaware if the can process a larger nxn CCD with 40-60 pinouts compared to a linear ccd that has much less pinouts such as the EPC901-CSP32-033 which has 16 pinouts.

Any help is appreciated, I am still an undergrad and have much to learn so feel free to shed some light (haha) on my project idea!


What you’re describing is essentially an image sensor/camera; this product family contains a variety of inexpensive camera modules/development boards. I’d recommend use of one of these more modular devices over raw image sensors, in the interest of limiting the scope of your efforts and not reinventing the wheel. When you’re learning how to make a sandwich, it’s helpful to start with ready-made bread.

Also, CCD image sensor technology has largely fallen out of favor in lieu of MOS-based sensors. Absent some specific purpose for doing so, limiting yourself to CCD technology would appear to be an unnecessary limitation/complication of your efforts.