Charging / storing small generic lipo batteries

  1. I have a Li-Po battery like the photo but I don’t have the device, what adapter can I use to connect this battery to a multimeter and also to charge this battery on a universal charger

  2. Li-Po battery for long life it is necessary to store it for the long term at 50% or you can store it at 100 or 80% without problems

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Without technical specifications on the specific battery in question it would not be advised to charge that battery as that is the kind of thing that burns houses down.

Li-Pos long term are happy stored at around 50%.

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battery Li-Po model 804066

I have this battery stored, it is between 70 and 80% charged but I don’t have the device to charge or discharge it to 50% and I don’t know how to improvise to test it on the digital multimeter this battery has a 2 pin JST 1.25mm connector female

All I can find online is your Li-Po model number 804066 likely indicates the battery dimensions are 8mm x 40mm x 66mm.

I’m still going to recommend you do not charge this battery with whatever charger you’ve found for Li-Po batteries, but, if you do charge this, do it outdoors in a metal flame resistant can.

For this battery, what is the cheapest and safest charger do you recommend? I will buy on aliexpress
battery has 2 pin JST 1.25mm connector female

I don’t recommend charging this because it is not safe and you could burn your house down.

So what am I going to use to charge this battery? save the battery at 0%?

I’m again going to recommend you don’t charge this battery.

Li-Po Batteries aren’t the kind of thing you should harvest out of equipment and charge with separate charging devices that weren’t designed for the specifications of the battery.

I have models BP-5L and BM20 batteries and I charge them on any charger normally

Hi @atnogueira87 ,

Thanks for your inquiry. You would want to find a 1s LiPo charger capable of charging your (2200mAh or 3200mAh?) battery. Some chargers only charge, while others may offer a “store” feature which charges your battery to be properly stored for longer periods of time.

Unfortunately DigiKey does not currently carry LiPo chargers that are finished products that are ready to be used for this specific 1s battery.

I want to charge it to keep it stored for long periods. I have a battery with only two wires and the other is the same but it has a 2 pin JST 1.25mm connector

some cheap charger on aliexpress, if it’s universal for this type of battery even better

model battery

Your above AliExpress battery has the below fire danger warning to follow instruction manual on how to charge and store but then doesn’t provide any instruction manual on how to charge and store.

There is no universal charger for Li-Pos.

LiPos come with varying full charge voltages and varying charge current levels.

Lets give an example of a Li-Po Battery from a reputible source that has a datasheet with these specifications:
Part Number: LP603443JU+PCM+2 WIRES 70MM

Here are the specs from the datasheet that help choose a Lithium Polymer charger:

This is the kind of information that is helpful to specify a battery charger. Getting the charge current wrong can lead to catastrophic results.

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Is it correct to buy a charger with the correct battery voltage? I’m going to look on Aliexpress for my battery, it’s 3.7v

Li-Ion battery is there a universal charger?

Hi @atnogueira87 ,

It is possible a 1S (1 cell) LiPo charger like this may work (granted it has the same connector), however I cannot guarantee that as we’ll discuss further:

Per their website this charger is recommended to charge the battery listed below, of which has a 3 C charge rate and a 25 C discharge rate per the battery photo:

You would have to know the C charge rate of your battery in question, and verify that the charger you choose does not exceed that as it is important to not exceed these C ratings or risk of injury, damage, or fire.

Most 1S (1 cell) LiPos have a nominal voltage of 3.7v with a max charge voltage of 4.2v typically (you would have to verify your exact battery). Generally speaking as long as you have the proper chemistry of charger and proper number of cells (s) it is made to charge, a generic LiPo charger may work as long as the charger is not exceeding the C charge rate of the battery (again, C charge rate is a much lower rating than the C discharge rate).

Another warning to note, is smaller USB type chargers are designed to charge smaller battery capacities, so when using a USB charger on a battery that has a much higher capacity than recommended for the charger (probably in your case), the charger may get hot, burn out, and potentially cause overcharge/discharge problems with the battery, causing risk of injury, damage, or fire.

It is not recommended to use a Li-ion charger unless the charger has 1S LiPo capability. You can however purchase a charger that works with various different chemistries, cells, charge currents, and voltages. Although not as cost savvy as cheaper chargers, these have adjustable settings, much more protections, individual cell resistance/voltage readings, and a screen providing live feedback of the charging process. The other up-side to a hobby-grade charger is the ability to charge, discharge, and store a battery not found in cheaper chargers.

The SKYRC IMAX B6 (click here) charger has 1-6S multi-chemistry capability with adjustable current so you can match the C rating of most any battery. However, unlike the USB chargers, these chargers require a battery with power leads and a balance connector, these will not work on a battery pack that only has a balance connector. DigiKey used to carry this model (PRT-16793) and it works well for most all charging needs from what I have seen with the proper settings, and the datasheet that is provided on our discontinued product page helps show some key features.

  1. Which cheap charger do you recommend? the only batteries I have are the Xiaomi Bm20 Nokia BP-5L and 804066

it is not interesting to invest in very expensive chargers

  1. What is the best percentage for a Li-Po battery to be stored for a long period? it has 3.7V 3200mah

  2. If I put this battery on this charge and store it in my house at 34-35C after how long will I need a new recharge?

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Hi @atnogueira87 ,

  1. Unfortunately, these products are not something we carry or support, you may need to reach out to the manufacturer or distributor that supports them.

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