Chrysler caravan connector

Is their anyone that can ID this connector that goes in a Chrysler caravan powered sliding door track harness??

What is the pin spacing for the connector you are searching for?

Hello @CJBinc04,

Welcome to the TechForum. I’m guessing this is a Delphi Connector from the APEX 2.8mm Series. A compatible part might be part number 54201009. Try searching online for Delphi 54201009


Series photo Example

Datasheet - APEX 2.8 Sealed Series A4 Web.pdf (

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thank you so much!!! :slight_smile:

Could you tell me who made this??

sliding door connector1.jpg

Hello @CJBinc04,

Could you provide photos of the side, bottom, and back of the connector? Are there any manufacturer logo’s or markings?


here are more of the same type type just a different color

sliding door connector7.jpg

sliding door connector9.jpg

I’ve looked through our system, and I cannot match this connector with anything we stock. However, searching based on the part markings does pull up information from Delphi/Aptiv.
I would recommend looking into them to find a match for these connectors.