Cigarette lighter power supply repair


There are many styles of power supply cords that people us in their automobiles. I had a power cord the other day for my electric cooler that had a loose contact due to a cracked housing in the cigarette plug. Using a ZA1030-ND I was simply able to remove the cord from the old power supply and solder the wires to the contacts on the ZA1030-ND plug and I had a running cooler again.


We also have a large supply of barrel power cables that can be used for a large number of items from power inverters to dvd players. The biggest key for many of these devices is ensuring that you have the correct size barrel connector.

Note: These plugs alone are often not a solution for cell phone chargers as most of those are regulated to 5VDC and this plug alone will simply act as an adapter for 12VDC from the cigarette outlet to a wire with a connector.

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