Circuit breaker 302-1025-ND seems faulty

I received it yesterday. According to the datasheet, pins 1-3 should be connected when the breaker is reset (not popped). It has a slider to reset. When I received it, the slider was extended, so I assumed it was popped. I tested with ohmmeter, and 1-2 were connected. I pushed in the slider: I had to push pretty hard to get it to click and stay in. Once I did this, no pins were connected (according to the ohmmeter), and that’s the situation now.

Welcome to the Technical Forum. You will need to contact customer service about the defective. You can contact them either by Chat or phone . Otherwise you can just do an online request . Here is the link for the procedure:

Sorry it is defective, but they should be able to handle the issue.

Thanks for the help!

I did that, but I have to say that I started the process with the box checked for “Send replacement.” By the time I finished, after being forced to add images that provided no value, I went back and changed it to “refund.” I’ll procure it elsewhere.

I would have private-messaged with this, but I didn’t see a way to do that.

You are fine. Yes. I can’t do anything on the Forum. I usually suggest calling in and talking to someone. That is the easiest. Though the online tool should work. Not sure if they are updating tonight . Sorry again about the issue.

Hi @rick1 ,

I haven’t delt with this particular part, however some circuit breakers need live voltage in order to reset properly. It could be the breaker was in the normal position and not popped (1+2 connected) -as the datasheet connection diagram looks to be illustrating the popped state, and the force applied to the slide may have broke the internal mechanism, as it is Very rare these are defect.

That’s a great tip, thank you! I have not encountered such, but I’ll certainly try that when I get the new one.

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