Circuit Breakers

I am looking for part #IEGHF66-1REC4-34391-30-V, the only one you have ends in UV not V - from other research I see this is the replacement. Do you know what the difference is, or are they identical? Also, do you have a picture to confirm its correct before I order. This is for a Magnum light tower generator.

Hello virkfarms. Welcome to the Forum.
Please take a look at the datasheet on page 117 you will see that V = VDE and CCC Approved. Sensata-Airpax has now added UL recognized, that is the “U” in the UV suffix. From their website “UL Recognized as supplementary protectors per UL STD. 1077” I did not find an updated datasheet that lists the U suffix, this is from their verbiage on the circuit breakers. We do not have a photo of IEGHF66-1REC4-34391-30-UV, but you can see drawings of the two pole beginning on page 102 of the datasheet. This will be a form, fit and function equivalent to your original part number of IEGHF66-1REC4-34391-30-V. The only change is the addition of UL recognition.

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Hi Jenny, Thank you for your assistance. This is great information, I was confused about the U, and wanted to make sure its a complete fit. This confirms what I needed to know.

Now about shipping. This product is shown as in stock and ready to ship right away, but also shows Manufacturer lead time 5 weeks. So, how long would it roughly be, will it be shipped right away, or is it a direct from manufacturer and may take 5 weeks before its even shipped?? I am in Alberta, Canada.


This part has 4 pieces and in stock . This could ship immediately. For questions on how long it will take to reach you, that would have to be answered by Sales. You can call in , or send an e-mail to

Thank you for your assistance today.