Circuit Logic and Implementation

So I want to preface with the fact that I’m a University student so my knowledge of practical applications is minimal. I’m designing a circuit that that will use the output of a NAND gate to power on two transistors. The first transistor will power on an LED and the second one will allow 24V to flow into a manual switch. I understand I will need a gate driver in between the output of the NAND and the gates of the transistors, but I’m struggling to actually select the right components for this project. The idea of the project is that their are 4 rooms which will all have access to the same transformer outside. Only one room will be able to use the transformer at a time, so that when one room is using it the others will not have access to it. Would someone be able to give me a hand with this? Really appreciate it.


Many smaller transistors can be driven more or less directly from common logic gates. The need for intermediate drivers comes when attempting to switch rapidly, when there is a need for isolation, when switching large loads, and in similar circumstances. Your intentions/objectives aren’t especially clear from this side of the screen, so it would help if you could elaborate a bit.

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-We have four rooms that all need access to the same transformer.
-If one room is using the transformer, the rest are not able to use it.
-I wanted to have a box in each room with a LED and a switch.
-If the transformer is available to use, the LED will be on and there will be a 24V waiting at the switch so that when you flip it the transformer power will be connected to the room.
-If the transformer is already in use the LED will be off and the 24V will not be at the switch so even if you flip it nothing happens.
-I wanted to use NAND gates as the turn on signal for the LED and the 24V switch, so if you are looking at room one, room 2, 3, and 4 should be giving off signals so you’ll get your on signal with the NAND gate.
-I’m not sure if the NAND gate is the best approach, I was also considering a Decoder but it’s a bit out of my range of knowledge to implement.
-When searching for my components the parameters on the NMOS’ were a bit overwhelming and I was not confident on how to select parts that would be compatible with each other.