Class 2 power supply

I am designing a product that needs to get CSA approved here in Canada. One requirement the CSA inspector has is that the AC/DC power supply needs to be Class 2. There is no option on the digikey interface to select for this.
You have Class I, II, III for the form factor.
I have done my tests with 993-1451-ND (12VDC, 3Amp) but I do not know if it is a Class 2 supply.

The CSA inspector says:

  • Class II power supplies are not provided with ground conductor and are double insulated
  • Class 2 power supply are power limited device

Thanks for any help.

We are looking into this and should get back ver soon.

Thank you


Hi stephan,

The PPL36W-120L6 has a cULus 62368-1 / IEC 62368-1 rating. From what I have read (see reference here), any device with the cULus 62368-1 or IEC 62368-1 rating is what they refer to as a Limited Power Source (LPS) and guarantees that they cannot provide more than 100VA of continuous apparent power, which is essentially what NEC Class 2 stipulates.

However, that supply does not appear to explicitly have a Class 2 rating, which is part of the UL 1310 standard. Assuming you need the Class 2 rating rather than just LPS, and further assuming you need Class II insulation and a 2.1mm center-positive output plug, here’s a link to some supplies which meet those requirements.

I shared your message with the CSA inspector who said:
The PPL36W seems class II in the description from DIGIKEY but not in the Datasheet from the manufacturer. I will have a doubt on this one because the overcurrent limit is 200% time the output rating witch will exceed the 5amps limit under failure.
Better have more information on this one. Also it is only 36watts instead of 60watts. Will it be sufficient enough?
For the 100VA it is true at 24vdc but it is 60watts at 12vdc max 5amps at 12vdc and 4amps at 24vdc.

From you mentioned selection I found 1939-1132-ND which does mention the words “class 2” in the PDF. But the inspector still recommends: try to pull out the spec from the manufacturer itself or maybe ask them to provide you the evidence it is class 2.

over all it’s a confusion standard to adhere by.

Hi stephan,

The mention of “. . . only 36 watts instead of 60 watts. Will it be sufficient enough?” confuses me. Do you need more than 3A at 12V?

Regarding more detail on the 1939-1132-ND, the datasheet explicitly states that it is Class 2 and that it is UL 1310 rated (even noting on page 2 that it was added on Rev. C of the datasheet). On page 4 of the datasheet, under “Protection”, it states that the output current is limited to between 110% and 160% of rated current (which is 3A for this part). On page 15, it shows that line A of the part’s label will state that it is Class 2.

Furthermore, on the lower part of page 16 (and copied below), it gives links to the most updated regulatory certifications and marks for the product. Following those links will list the relevant info as well.



Thank you again for all the help.

Now, I am looking for a 24VDC Class 2 power supply. Ideally between 3Amp to 5 Amp with 2.1mm ID, 5.5 mm OD DC-barrel connector.
I hope you can point me to a product in your catalogue.

Thank you.


Here are the Class II power supplies that are 24vDC and between 3~5A that have a 2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel.


Hello Jeff.

Thank you for your reply.
But I am asking for Class 2 (arabic numeral 2) not Class II (roman numeral II).These are two different things.

Hell Stephan: I’m sorry, I did not locate a 24Vdc power supply, meeting your specification - nothing that is NEC Class 2. We do have class 2 options, but not at the current rating you need. I’m sorry we weren’t able to help you with this request!

Hi stephan,

The following 24V power supplies meet your requirements of 24V, at least 3A, 2.1mm x 5.5mm output connector and are rated NEC Class 2 (part of the UL 1310 standard).

All of the following are rated for 3.75A at 24V and are part of the Globtek GTM96900P90vv series:

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David thank you very much. Just what I was looking for.

All the best,

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