AC to DC dual 24v output power supply selection

If you happen to be needing a power supply that has a dual 24v output the below options were found.

For a standard power supply, I had found the VI-PU33-EYY here

To find this I started in the AC DC converters category.
Then in the “Voltage - Output 1” and “Voltage - Output 2” filters I found and selected the 24v options
In the “Part Status” filter I selected “active”
I also checked the in-stock checkbox as well.
In the “Number of Outputs” filter I selected “2”

VI-PU33-EYY is rated for 480w total

Below is a screenshot of the filter selection table to show the filters I had used.

For configurable power supplies, the below options were found.
These are also 480w in total.
To find these options I used the configurator linked below.
‘Artrsyn ConfigPro’ Power supply configurator

I first clicked the “Add Output” button so there would be two options for voltage output.

Then in each, I entered “24” for the voltage(V) and “10” for the current (A).

Note the configurator auto-calculates the wattage per output and for the whole device.

To see all the supply options, I did have to cycle through each of the series iMP, iVS, and uMP individually and clicking the “Find Solutions” in the bottom right of the configurator form.

To order these.
Once you find one you would like, be sure to click the “View this part above” button.
Then above that click the “Go with this” button.

Near the bottom of that page is a “Get Quote Through Distribution” with a “Quote” button.
You would need to log in to proceed further.

Alternatively, if you track the item number the site has given. You can click the “Websheet” button near the top.

With the Websheet page link and the item number you can e-mail “
In that e-mail, you can request a quote. The e-mail would need to include.
Full name
Full company name (if applicable)
Full shipping address
Phone number
Contact e-mail if different from the sending e-mail
The quantities you would like quoted and if applicable annual expected usage.