Coilcraft XEL4020 Series Supplier Recommended Alternatives

If you are looking for the Coilcraft XEL4020 Series of ultra-low loss shielded power inductors the manufacturer recommends the following alternative options.

See XGL3520 for space savings with 35% less board area. Improved efficiency due to low DCR (up to 20% lower) and higher L values (up to 4.7 uH)

See XGL4020 for significantly lower DCR (up to 45% lower) and higher L values (up to 8.2 uH)

Inductance (µH) XEL4020 Series (Not Available) XGL4020 Series (*Available)
XEL4020/XGL4020 Datasheet Datasheet
0.08µH/µH XEL4020-800ME_ N/A
0.10µH/0.11µH XEL4020-101ME_ XGL4020-111MEC
0.20µH/0.25µH XEL4020-201ME_ XGL4020-251MEC
0.33µH/0.33µH XEL4020-331ME_ XGL4020-331MEC
0.56µH/0.60µH XEL4020-561ME_ XGL4020-601MEC
0.82µH/0.82µH XEL4020-821ME_ XGL4020-821MEC
1.0µH/1.0µH XEL4020-102ME_ XGL4020-102MEC
1.2µH/µH XEL4020-122ME_ N/A
1.5µH/1.5µH XEL4020-152ME_ XGL4020-152MEC
2.2µH/2.2µH XEL4020-222ME_ XGL4020-222MEC
Inductance (µH) XEL4020 Series (Not Available) XGL3520 Series (*Available)
XEL4020/XGL3520 Datasheet Datasheet
0.08µH/µH XEL4020-800ME_ N/A
0.10µH/0.10µH XEL4020-101ME_ XGL3520-101MEC
0.20µH/0.20µH XEL4020-201ME_ XGL3520-201MEC
0.33µH/0.30µH XEL4020-331ME_ XGL3520-301MEC
0.56µH/0.56µH XEL4020-561ME_ XGL3520-561MEC
0.82µH/0.82µH XEL4020-821ME_ XGL3520-821MEC
1.0µH/1.0µH XEL4020-102ME_ XGL3520-102MEC
1.2µH/1.2µH XEL4020-122ME_ XGL3520-122MEC
1.5µH/1.5µH XEL4020-152ME_ XGL3520-152MEC
2.2µH/2.2µH XEL4020-222ME_ XGL3520-222MEC

Example Part Number:





Three digit induction code. The first two are significant. The last one is the multiplication factor (the number of zeroes).
2.2µH = 2200nH = 22 significant with two zeroes = 222


E = RoHS compliant tin-silver over copper.
Special order: T = RoHS tin-silver-copper (95.5/4/0.5) or S = non-RoHS tin-lead (63/37).


C = 7″ machine-ready reel. EIA-481 embossed plastic tape. Quantities less than full reel available: in tape (not machine ready) or with leader and trailer ($25 charge).
D = 13″ machine-ready reel. EIA-481 embossed plastic tape. Factory order only, not stocked

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XEL4020 Series Part Numbers
E = Halogen free component. RoHS compliant tin-silver over copper terminations. T = RoHS tin-silver-copper (95.5/4/0.5). S = non-RoHS tin-lead (63/37).
XEL4020-800MEC XEL4020-800MTC XEL4020-800MSC
XEL4020-101MEC XEL4020-101MTC XEL4020-101MSC
XEL4020-201MEC XEL4020-201MTC XEL4020-201MSC
XEL4020-331MEC XEL4020-331MTC XEL4020-331MSC
XEL4020-561MEC XEL4020-561MTC XEL4020-561MSC
XEL4020-821MEC XEL4020-821MTC XEL4020-821MSC
XEL4020-102MEC XEL4020-102MTC XEL4020-102MSC
XEL4020-122MEC XEL4020-122MTC XEL4020-122MSC
XEL4020-152MEC XEL4020-152MTC XEL4020-152MSC
XEL4020-222MEC XEL4020-222MTC XEL4020-222MSC
XEL4020-800MEB XEL4020-800MTB XEL4020-800MSB
XEL4020-101MEB XEL4020-101MTB XEL4020-101MSB
XEL4020-201MEB XEL4020-201MTB XEL4020-201MSB
XEL4020-331MEB XEL4020-331MTB XEL4020-331MSB
XEL4020-561MEB XEL4020-561MTB XEL4020-561MSB
XEL4020-821MEB XEL4020-821MTB XEL4020-821MSB
XEL4020-102MEB XEL4020-102MTB XEL4020-102MSB
XEL4020-122MEB XEL4020-122MTB XEL4020-122MSB
XEL4020-152MEB XEL4020-152MTB XEL4020-152MSB
XEL4020-222MEB XEL4020-222MTB XEL4020-222MSB
XEL4020-800MED XEL4020-800MTD XEL4020-800MSD
XEL4020-101MED XEL4020-101MTD XEL4020-101MSD
XEL4020-201MED XEL4020-201MTD XEL4020-201MSD
XEL4020-331MED XEL4020-331MTD XEL4020-331MSD
XEL4020-561MED XEL4020-561MTD XEL4020-561MSD
XEL4020-821MED XEL4020-821MTD XEL4020-821MSD
XEL4020-102MED XEL4020-102MTD XEL4020-102MSD
XEL4020-122MED XEL4020-122MTD XEL4020-122MSD
XEL4020-152MED XEL4020-152MTD XEL4020-152MSD
XEL4020-222MED XEL4020-222MTD XEL4020-222MSD
XGL4020 Series Part Numbers
E = Halogen free component. RoHS compliant tin-silver over copper terminations. T = RoHS tin-silver-copper (95.5/4/0.5). S = non-RoHS tin-lead (63/37).
XGL4020-111MEC XGL4020-111MTC XGL4020-111MSC
XGL4020-251MEC XGL4020-251MTC XGL4020-251MSC
XGL4020-331MEC XGL4020-331MTC XGL4020-331MSC
XGL4020-471MEC XGL4020-471MTC XGL4020-471MSC
XGL4020-601MEC XGL4020-601MTC XGL4020-601MSC
XGL4020-821MEC XGL4020-821MTC XGL4020-821MSC
XGL4020-102MEC XGL4020-102MTC XGL4020-102MSC
XGL4020-152MEC XGL4020-152MTC XGL4020-152MSC
XGL4020-222MEC XGL4020-222MTC XGL4020-222MSC
XGL4020-332MEC XGL4020-332MTC XGL4020-332MSC
XGL4020-472MEC XGL4020-472MTC XGL4020-472MSC
XGL4020-562MEC XGL4020-562MTC XGL4020-562MSC
XGL4020-682MEC XGL4020-682MTC XGL4020-682MSC
XGL4020-822MEC XGL4020-822MTC XGL4020-822MSC
XGL4020-111MED XGL4020-111MTD XGL4020-111MSD
XGL4020-251MED XGL4020-251MTD XGL4020-251MSD
XGL4020-331MED XGL4020-331MTD XGL4020-331MSD
XGL4020-471MED XGL4020-471MTD XGL4020-471MSD
XGL4020-601MED XGL4020-601MTD XGL4020-601MSD
XGL4020-821MED XGL4020-821MTD XGL4020-821MSD
XGL4020-102MED XGL4020-102MTD XGL4020-102MSD
XGL4020-152MED XGL4020-152MTD XGL4020-152MSD
XGL4020-222MED XGL4020-222MTD XGL4020-222MSD
XGL4020-332MED XGL4020-332MTD XGL4020-332MSD
XGL4020-472MED XGL4020-472MTD XGL4020-472MSD
XGL4020-562MED XGL4020-562MTD XGL4020-562MSD
XGL4020-682MED XGL4020-682MTD XGL4020-682MSD
XGL4020-822MED XGL4020-822MTD XGL4020-822MSD
XGL3520 Series Part Numbers
E = Halogen free component. RoHS compliant tin-silver over copper terminations. T = RoHS tin-silver-copper (95.5/4/0.5). S = non-RoHS tin-lead (63/37).
XGL3520-101MEC XGL3520-101MTC XGL3520-101MSC
XGL3520-201MEC XGL3520-201MTC XGL3520-201MSC
XGL3520-301MEC XGL3520-301MTC XGL3520-301MSC
XGL3520-451MEC XGL3520-451MTC XGL3520-451MSC
XGL3520-561MEC XGL3520-561MTC XGL3520-561MSC
XGL3520-681MEC XGL3520-681MTC XGL3520-681MSC
XGL3520-821MEC XGL3520-821MTC XGL3520-821MSC
XGL3520-102MEC XGL3520-102MTC XGL3520-102MSC
XGL3520-122MEC XGL3520-122MTC XGL3520-122MSC
XGL3520-152MEC XGL3520-152MTC XGL3520-152MSC
XGL3520-182MEC XGL3520-182MTC XGL3520-182MSC
XGL3520-222MEC XGL3520-222MTC XGL3520-222MSC
XGL3520-332MEC XGL3520-332MTC XGL3520-332MSC
XGL3520-472MEC XGL3520-472MTC XGL3520-472MSC
XGL3520-101MED XGL3520-101MTD XGL3520-101MSD
XGL3520-201MED XGL3520-201MTD XGL3520-201MSD
XGL3520-301MED XGL3520-301MTD XGL3520-301MSD
XGL3520-451MED XGL3520-451MTD XGL3520-451MSD
XGL3520-561MED XGL3520-561MTD XGL3520-561MSD
XGL3520-681MED XGL3520-681MTD XGL3520-681MSD
XGL3520-821MED XGL3520-821MTD XGL3520-821MSD
XGL3520-102MED XGL3520-102MTD XGL3520-102MSD
XGL3520-122MED XGL3520-122MTD XGL3520-122MSD
XGL3520-152MED XGL3520-152MTD XGL3520-152MSD
XGL3520-182MED XGL3520-182MTD XGL3520-182MSD
XGL3520-222MED XGL3520-222MTD XGL3520-222MSD
XGL3520-332MED XGL3520-332MTD XGL3520-332MSD
XGL3520-472MED XGL3520-472MTD XGL3520-472MSD

Note: All quotations above are taken from the information provided by the supplier in the data sheet they provided.

The TechForum Cross Reference category is for parts that Digi-Key does not sell or parts that have gone obsolete. Our Engineers and Techs have reviewed the specifications for these parts and made a recommendation for a replacement. Please review the suggested part to ensure it will work for your application.