Common Cathode Current Drivers

Are there off-the-shelf common cathode current driver boards out there like the Adafruit TLC5947 LED Driver Breakouts . My LEDs are common cathode and can’t find a common cathode driver breakout board on the internet. Thanks for your time!


Hi Yumeka,

I was not able to find any serial input control LED array source drivers, which is what you would need for common-cathode LEDs. Almost all LED array drivers are sink drivers rather than source drivers, which only work with common-anode LEDs. I would suggest you consider getting common-anode LEDs, as this would open you up to multiple driver options.

I stand corrected.

The BOB-13884 can source nine channels with 12-bit resolution per channel using an I2C interface. It has 3 RGB LEDs installed on the board, but you can bypass them if desired

Another possibility is the 1528-1008-ND. It can sink or source current to 16 channels, but it can only source about 10mA per channel.