Component identification

I need some help identifying these 5 components. This is a windshield wiper motor controller in a 2005 VW Touareg. They are the 5 square parts with 2 connections on the one side and 5 connections on the other. I have ben told they are mosfets, but cannot seen to find them. The numbers on the top say “2N0608” and “AA414”. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Peter Das

Welcome to the Technical Forum. Every place search for the 2N0608 they associate part number with it. This part is not available to order at this time. Though we do have similar function parts located on this link: IPB80N06S208ATMA1 Infineon Technologies | Discrete Semiconductor Products | DigiKey

You can review the options to see what would work the best for the application you have. I am unable to identify the AA414. Sorry.