Components needed


I need below parts. Can you please help me to identify them (correct part numbers in your product list) and give the correct quote to customer?

  1. SO 32 - MFRC531 01T - 350 units
  2. VQ64 - LPC2132FBD64 - 350 units
  3. QFP64(08) - ATMEGA64T - 350 units

Thanks in advance

  1. 568-2224-5-ND
  2. 568-LPC2132FBD64/01EL-ND
  3. There are multiple options that match your description that have slightly different features. Here is a link to those options so you can select the part that meets your requirements.

Once you have the 3rd part number you can use the “my lists” feature to get current pricing and availability on the quantity you need.

Let me know if you need any further help.