Product Identification

1N4001 & LM358N &LM555.xlsx (9.6 KB)

Hello, I have attached specifications given to me by a client. Help me Identify the exact products that fit those specs and quote them for me please. Thank you!

Hello FrankLabtron, and welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.

For the 1N4001 Diode, we have the SMD option of 5272-1N4001WCT-ND and D0-41 option of 4878-1N4001CT-ND.
For the LM358N, we have LM358NNS/NOPB-ND, and just to clarify for this cell on your spreadsheet, you are only looking for the LM358N correct?
For the LM555, we have a few options that should work. Those products are linked HERE, the difference between these being the packages.

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Thank you very much @nick_13812, Am going to read through the data sheets. And will get back to you for inquiries if you do not mind, I appreciate.

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Hello @nick_13812 , can I get a quote for the 4878-1N4001CT-ND Diodes (500Pcs), LM358NS/NOPB-ND (200Pcs), & LM555CMX/NOPB (300Pcs) with their manufacturer’s authorization (I have attached a template), or please point me to who I can ask for this.

Thank you!
Manufacturer’s Authorization template.docx (12.6 KB)

Hello Frank, you will want to reach out to our sales team. The information on how to contact them is listed on the bottom of our homepage under contact us.