ConductRF TSA89-S1S1-0M5 Coaxial Cable


 I found this product (TSA89-S1S1-S36) on Digikey. I need a shorter cable.

The part number is TSA89-S1S1-0M5. It is a SMA male to SMA male to A89TK cable, 0.5 meters long.

Can I order this product(TSA89-S1S1-0M5) through Digikey?
Could you help confirm? Thank you.

Hello Mars,

The cable we carry is a Marketplace part, and we do not show the other variation of the cable.
Since it is a Marketplace part we ask that you contact ConductRF directly for any variation, as we have limited resources for technical or inventory information on their product.
Telephone - (978)374-6840