Connecting Meanwell power supplies in parallel

Can I connect two LPV-60-12 in parallel to increase total available current? I want to do this instead of using a larger supply such as LPV-100-12 because the start-up time of the smaller LPV-60 is 500mS while the larger LPV-100 startup time is 2000mS.

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Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. Meanwell LED power supplies do not have parallel “current sharing” function so it is not suitable for parallel connection. You’re better off using the LPV-100-12 in this case.

Thanks - I avoided the LPV-100 because of the long 2000mS start-up time. Can you recommend an alternative with faster start-up?

Take a look at this option, Digikey part 1866-PWM-200-12-ND . The datasheet shows 500ms, 80ms/230VAC or 115VAC

Ordered it. Thanks -

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Similar question, After researching power supplies, I found that the LPV-60-12 has a startup time of 500ms, which is ideal for my application. However, I need more current than what a single LPV-60-12 can provide. Instead of moving up to the LPV-100-12 with a startup time of 2000ms, I’m considering the possibility of connecting two LPV-60-12 supplies in parallel to achieve the desired current while keeping the startup time low.

LPV-60-12 is not designed to be operated in parallel, I would recommend against doing this.


Digikey told me the LPV series was not recommended for parallel operation and also recommended the PWM-120-12 with a 500ms startup which I used. It works as advertised.