Connector and parts Suitability

I am planning to use FLS610N4PHEC03 Plug in one of my project…
Could you please confirm if

  1. FLS010N4S03
  2. FLS010N4SHEC03
  3. SS16M2T
  4. SP14M2T
    are suitable parts for this Plug, my cable size is 16 AWG.

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Yes the FLS010N4S03 and FLS010N4SHEC03 can each mate with that plug, and SS16M2T and SP14M2T are the pin and socket contacts for them. Each of those contacts can take 16AWG wire.


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Actually there is no any Information in datasheet regarding this also in datasheet it is mentioned applicable crimps are from 20AWG o 30AWG so there is confusion, do you have any supporting documents on the same?


Seems that both of those contacts are from the ecomate® Aquarius™ series and thus would fit into the housings meant for those series. I don’t see where in the data sheet it is stating that the contacts to those housings are limited to 20-30AWG.

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