Connector and parts Suitability

I am planning to use FLS610N4PHEC03 Plug in one of my project…
Could you please confirm if

  1. FLS010N4S03
  2. FLS010N4SHEC03
  3. SS16M2T
  4. SP14M2T
    are suitable parts for this Plug, my cable size is 16 AWG.
    is there any supporting document for this?


FLS010N4S03 is a good mate FLS610N4PHEC03 yes.
FLS010N4SHEC03 is also a good mate, this one features a cover.
Both these mates are panel mount with flange.

The SP14M2T are good pins for this housing and SS16M2T are good socket contacts for either of the mated housings you chose.

The data sheets offered on our website for each of those are only documents we have on these. Also the ecomate® family overview.

Hope that helps.