Connector Housings with Multiple Contact Sizes

Some connector housings require multiple contact sizes. Example part numbers are
HD34-24-9SN-059 (1734-1832-ND) and its mate HD36-24-9PN-059 (1734-1824-ND)

See example photo from product page below.


This means that you will need quantity 1 of the size 4 contacts, quantity 2 of the size 8 contacts, and quantity 6 of the size 12 contacts.

Socket contacts for (Qty 1) HD34-24-9SN-059 (1734-1832-ND):

(Qty 1) Size 4 - 0462-203-04141 (1734-1334-ND)

(Qty 2) Size 8 - 0462-203-08141 (1734-1336-ND)

(Qty 6) Size 12 - 0462-203-12141 (1734-1125-ND)

Pin contacts for (Qty 1) HD36-24-9PN-059 (1734-1824-ND):

(Qty 1) Size 4 - 5960-203-04141 (1734-1333-ND)

(Qty 2) Size 8 - 0460-204-08141 (1734-1337-ND)

(Qty 6) Size 12 - 0460-204-12141 (1734-1133-ND)

To find the proper contacts for each of these connectors, you will need to go to the manufacturer’s website and enter their part number. Once there, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the section named “Compatible Parts”

The category outlined in red are the mating housings.

The category outlined in green are the contacts.

The category outlined in blue are the associated products such as caps, backshells, etc.

The category outlined in orange are the associated hardware part numbers.


Under the contacts section, you will find a list of products that are for use with the housing (Note the different sizes available). From here, you will have to take the TE Model/Part number (shown in green boxes) back to the Digi-Key Website to add to your cart.