Matching Connector of HDP26-24-7SN-C038

Hello, I am looking for the matching connector of the HDP26-24-7SN-C038 and the HDP24-24-7PN-C038, looks like the ineers parts are not matching.

Any advice is well received.

Hi torres.lionel,

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The HDP24-24-7PN-C038 will mate together with the HDP26-24-7SN-C038.

See this Tech Forum post for part number breakdown of HDP20 series TE/Deutsch connectors

Note that they require three size 4 contacts and four size 16 contacts, and the size 4 contacts must be the specific following part numbers:.

Size 4 contacts:

Size 16 contacts:

See this TE Application Specification document found here for details on what necessary and optional parts can be used with these connector shells and how one assembles these connectors.

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Thanks for all the links. This is really helpful, so I guess I was fine with my original order.