Connector identification

Can anyone identify this connector? Looking for the mate. Thank you. .75 diameter

Hello @hgravett320

Take a look at 1539-UTGX0128S-ND

Exact measurements and markings can be found in the datasheet here.

If the measurements match the connector you have. It looks like 1539-UTGX6JC128S-ND would be the mate.

Hi Robert, please look at my picture again. At first glance it looks close. But the one I have has a gap between the barrel and the inside of the outer shell. Gap may be for mate to slip in. Thank you Harry

If you look closely at the mate you will see there is a little lip that would actually slip into that spot.

You may though actually want to take apart the 4 screws that hold your connector together to see if there are any markings on the side or back. It may be the easiest way to confirm this is the correct connector/manufacturer.

Will do. Thank you