Connector Identity Please

Connector identification please

Labelling: PA6.6 GF25

Hello panegyric13,

I was unable to find a match for this connector, in our system.
Sorry I was unable to find a match for you.

Hello panegyric13,

Can you measure the cable? I certainly looks like this 8 mm cable on my desk as pictured below. It could be a 5-pin M8 connector.

For reference, the pictured cable is Banner product. It’s probably not what you are looking for, but it may move us in the correct direction.

Other candidates here.

For additional assistance, please reply with:

  1. diameter
  2. sketch with internal pin-to-pin

Best Wishes,


Yes, diameter is 8mm. Length of plastic is 19/20mm. I cannot get my multimeter in far enough to check PIN’s but I’m sure they head straight through. As you can see, the pin are broken off the bottom. Also hoping the connector with the o-ring (green in picture).

Maybe you could send picture of the bottom of that connector you have? Looks like the right one!

I think I see it now. At first, I thought the connector was bolted to the plastic sheet. Now I see it as top and bottom view.

Are you looking for a right-angle connector?

Perhaps, something like this:

1200868178 Molex | Cable Assemblies | DigiKey


As requested, here is the picture of the cable on my desk.

Need to be just the connector as it’s soldered to the I/O board.

Like these?


Maybe this one?

54-00315 Tensility International Corp | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

Can the silver casing be taken off of this?

What is the mating mechanism for your connector? It does not appear to be threaded. Is it a twist-lock type?

The mechanism is separate from the connector. The connector you see in the picture has broken off pins on the bottom which solder to the motherboard. Then the there’s a cover which the motherboard sits in which has the screw mechanisms. I’ll find pictures…

No, not that as it has a triangular configuration.

I think I found it:

1412006 Phoenix Contact | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

see also:



Yes! That looks like the one!


Sorry for the confusion and delay.

Of all the product DigiKey sells, connectors are perhaps the most difficult to locate. With over 2 million line items, it takes some time.

At any, rate, please double check the dimensions against the datasheet.

Also, please let us know if this was the correct solutions. Pictures are most welcome.

Best Wishes.


Say, I was just looking at this series, and it looks like there are a few subtle variations of this type of connector. I’d recommend that you check these out and check the actual documentation of them. The rear portions seem to vary somewhat. In particular, check out this subset.

They look more like this:


Thanks for this! I believe DigiKey Part Number
277-16538-ND is the one.

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