Connectors for Oxygen Sensor Module on Dodge RAM 3500

I need a few connectors and have the part numbers from AllData.

I found this connector which I need

Now, I also need the following connector, which is for the oxygen sensors, but I can’t find them by part number.

Also, what is the part number for the pins in these connectors and the crimping tool I will need to repin these connectors?

Here is the picture of the connector I need. I need two of these

Harness Family: Transmission
Cavities: 6
Gender: FEMALE
Part Description: 1 928 404 669
Connector No: D3086A
Option: Standard

Hello Gerardo,
Thank you for contacting Digikey Tech Support.
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I am sorry to inform you PN D3086A did not go in our system.

The contacts for PN 0334722001
Are listed in the Associated product section in our website.
It is located towards the bottom of the product page.

After you select a contact,
The tooling should be listed in the tooling section for the contact.

Also towards the bottom of the product page.