Copy and Pasting into MPLAB-X

Does anyone have experience with Microchip MPLAB-X software? Customer is having issues copying source code from a PDF and pasting it into an assembly file. He says that when he pastes the code it loses all the format and won’t assemble.

Edit: Also, I found this post from 2011 on Microchips’ Forum (“Wrapped Code does not copy/paste into editor correctly”) but wasn’t sure if it was applicable to the MPLAB-X IDE. Would a simple paste into notepad be the fix?


That’s pretty normal with pdf’s. It’s not directly related to MPLAB-X, as other applications such as word/notepad++ will also see the issue. Some PDF software tools do better, but usually it’s hit and miss.


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I don’t understand the need for posting the code into a PDF and then extracting it some time later to compile. Alternative text only based file types would be a better solution of distribution, unless the client is having issues with Outlook removing attachments, then they could be archiving the file as .zip to get around that. However, if PDFs must continue to be used then perhaps the client would benefit by having a link to the original code as a snippet, gist, or file from the original repository would absolve the issue because the code would exist as PDF for whatever need and also as unaltered source code via the link.

A large number of teaching or instruction materials commonly use PDF’s to share the lecture to students.

Yes while there are better methods today, there are still a large number of Teachers that still utilize this old method today…


Oh, I see. It is extra work and maintenance, but in a very digital world having the code embedded along with a link to get at the source should still work in that case.