Demo program for PIC-USB-4550 does not open in MPLABX

Hi, I recently got this demo board and now trying to run demo program located at below link in MPLABX but it does not open.

Can someone provide link to a valid project I can open in MPLABX? Thanks

Hi @user128 after opening up those projects, most of the files are from 2007-2010 time frame… What version of MPLABX are you trying to load them with? They seem to be built for Classic MPLAB:

You will have to most likely, have to import them into MPLABX and then manually convert them.


Hello user128:
I wanted to let you know that I forwarded your post to my Product Manager for Microchip. He replied to me with this comment:

“I have opened a support case with Microchip. I will update when I hear more. Case# 00885343”

I will post here when he has a reply from the manufacturer. Thank you!

It would be great to get working project for MPLABX (I am using ver. 5.5). Thanks for reaching out. I will wait for the reply.

Hello user128:
Here’s the reply the Product Specialist received from Microchip:

"This board is manufactured from a different company but not Microchip and therefore I am not able to find the demo code you have mentioned. Would it be possible for you to upload the demo code?

Firstly, I would recommend you install Microchip code configurator (MCC) which can generate code for USB peripherals, and start from there.

To set up the registers of a Microchip device, you can download MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC) from

or install it from MPLAB X IDE → Tools → Plugins.

This tool has a friendly user interface that allows users to easily set up the registers and peripherals, once it is installed. It also generates the configured code.

Please follow the link to our Microchip Developer webpage for some more details on this:"