How to connect ICD4 rj11 pins to PIC-USB-4550 demo board?

Hi, I just got the PIC-USB-4550 demo board, link shown below, that has icsp header pins and I am trying to use MPLABX xc8 compiler with ICD4 programmer/debugger to run some demo. Can someone please help with how to interconnect pins between ICD4 and demo board and icd4 to provide power to target board?
The ICD4 has a power plug and a RJ11/RJ12 cable to go to target. Below is the demo board:
can someone please share your thoughts on it? Thx

Hi @user128 Olimex’s connector schematic show:

Microchip’s connector is:


I assume that on ICD4-ICSP, pin#2 (AUX) and on PIC-ICSP, pin#6 PGM are to be left unconnected, correct?

PGM is special, i’d still hook it up to AUX to keep it from switching to the special programming mode…