Correct specification check

Hi, we have placed an order for XC9128D45CAR -G on the behalf of a supplier and they have responded saying the item they wanted was XC9128B45CAR. Please can you just confirm if these are effectively the same item?

Hi chang.liu,

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The two parts are not identical, but they do have the same pin-out and same general operational functionality. The difference is that the “B” version adds an overcurrent latch-off function in which, if it detects an over-current condition which lasts for several milliseconds, it latches off the circuit (goes into suspension mode) and requires a reset either by toggling the enable pin (EN) or by cycling power on the Vin pin to resume operation. This is described on page 10 of the datasheet.

There are additional relevant notes regarding characteristic differences between “B” and “D” versions on page 13 of the datasheet, particularly notes 7 and 9 - 11.