Alternative for Part Number XC6120N282NG-X

Hi, I’m looking for an exact replacement part for the part XC6120N282NG-X. When searching for the part number XC6120N282NG-X thru internet I found the IC, XC6120 Series DataSheet. Besides that I found the IC, XC6120N282NR-G. Then I’d like to ask everybody for help if I could use it as a replacement part. Thanks.

Hi rueda.micky,

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I cannot verify your part number. I wonder if it is accurate. The datasheet does not show the “NG-X” suffix you are inquiring about. The only reference to “G” in the suffix refers to a version of RoHS as well as being Halogen and Antimony free, and the position that your part number places the “G” is shown to actually be “R” in the available datasheet, and that just refers to direction of feed for the parts on the tape and reel.

As far as I can tell, the most important specs for matching what is probably your part is to get the output type (first N = N-channel open drain output), the package type (second N = SSOT-24 package), and the detect voltage value (28 = 2.8V) right.

Here’s the datasheet part number breakdown:

Looking at our part numbers, the XC6120N282NR-G would seem to be the best match. Unfortunately, we do not stock that version. The best match that we have in stock is probably the XC6120N272NR-G. The difference is that it detects at 2.7V rather than 2.8V. Under most design scenarios, this would probably not be a major issue, but you would have to make that determination in your particular application.

The only other version that I would consider is the XC6120N302NR-G, which detects at 3.0V rather than 2.8V. I would expect that this is less likely to function optimally in most designs because many systems are intended to operate down below 3.0V, so this might prematurely disable the device this part is meant to supervise.

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Thanks a lot for your help. I’ll try to search on the internet for the part you kindly recommended.