Looking for alternative for VNS1NV04DP-E

Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.


NCV8402ADDR2G looks to be quite similar and may be worth checking out.

Welcome to the technical forum. Well that part is obsolete. Though they still sell the altrenative package tape and reel part number VNS1NV04DP-E. Though right now no lead time is listed. You can look at NCV8402ADDR2G and see if you can make this work. There is the difference with the Drain 1 and 2 on the data sheet for this one. So the gate for 1 is in the same place , but the two drains are not for gates one and two. You might want to review this and compare.

Thank you for the help I am also looking for a replacement for LMC660CM and 25C256XI-G-T3

The closest alternate for LMC660CM is 296-35441-1-ND.
The closest alternate for 25C256XI-G-T3 is 25AA256T-I/SMCT-ND, which has a few differences.
Please check the datasheets to help verify compatibility to your applications.