Hey All,

Another request for part equivalent. I have the datasheet that should go with the part, but I am wondering how to identify if it is N-Channel or P-Channel or how to correctly cross it.

MIP0221SY.PDF (41.9 KB)

It was blown apart when I opened the unit, and the one leg is gone as well. I believe it is a TO-220 package.

I appreciate the help.


That’s not just a FET, it’s a FET plus control and protection circuitry, making it a much more specific product that’s substantially harder to find an alternative for than a plain 'ol discrete part.

That said, the TOP22x family from Power Integrations looks very suspiciously similar. I can’t guarantee that any would work as a direct replacement, but it looks like a promising line of inquiry.


Hi Rick,

I think you are right about that, the block diagrams definitely looks very similar.

When you say a promising line of inquiry, what would you mean by that? Who do I inquire with? :slight_smile:

The person in the mirror… The options of finding new old stock or getting consultation from the original equipment designer being both highly unlikely, it’s up to your judgement as to whether any potential replacement is worth trying or not.

Haha, fair answer sir! Thanks!