Create flexible cable extension for 70 pins Samtec ERF/M8 connectors

We bought 70 pins Samtec ERF/M8 connectors a few years ago.
We are using a PCB board to control an ultrasound chip: the PCB has the male connector and the chip the female one. We would like to buy a flexible cable extension between the PCB board and the chip. The flexible cable extension would be used for ultrasound data (and potentially might be able to be resistant to 110 direct voltage).
Do you produce these types of extensions? If not, can I buy components to build this myself? Thanks

Hello Maria,

Welcome to the DigiKey tech forum.

The only 70 pin ERF8 connector we currently have in stock is ERF8-035-07.0-L-DV-K-TR

The ones that connect into it are seen here.

Other 70 pin ones in that series can be seen here

We also have flat flex cable but not many options in 70 conductor ones as seen here.

We do not produce the extensions you’re asking for specifically no but if you do find the products you would like us to assemble for you from any of the categories above or others, you can email your request to to see if we can do a custom cable assembly for you. Please note that we cannot do custom assemblies on products that we don’t have in stock.

Hope that helps.

@mario.antico check out samtec

they can build custom flexible cables, but it does not seem like that have 70 pins varaint, nearest is 60 or 80 pins


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