Flat flexible cable match

Can’t find the suitable cable for this 046293609005829+
9 Position FPC Connector Contacts, Top and Bottom 0.012" (0.30mm) Surface Mount, Right Angle

Hi hananabilabd,

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No, unfortunately, we do not carry any 9-position 0.30mm flat flex cable. The closest I could find was 13 conductor 0.25mm pitch cables and 9 conductor 0.50mm pitch cables.

Thanks David,
so there are no cable provided by Kyocera International Inc.that matching their connector ?
another question can I find a cable whose length doesn’t exceed 15mm.
I would like just to connect two rigid PCB like this.

Hi hananabilabd,

No, Kyocera does not make flat-flex cables, they only make the connectors for them. Most cables of the type you are seeking are custom-made cables. As standard products, Molex makes 0.25mm and 0.30mm pitch cables, but only with more contacts and longer lengths. They do make custom cables, however, so if you are looking for some quantity, they may be able to make a custom cable for you. Let us know if you are interested in that, and we could look into it.

Alternatively, some PCB makers can produce flexible circuits for such applications, so that might be another option to look into.