Simple FFC/FPC Connector Question


I’m wondering how to tell the difference between a straight FFC/FPC cable end and a tapered FFC/FPC cable end. I need to find a replacement for a connector that took a tapered end cable (Molex 52030 3029). I found the Kyocera 006208100130001+, which is very similar to the Molex, but it specifies taking a straight cable end type.

Thank you

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Hello Areeves and welcome to the forum.

Can you elaborate on what you are asking to compare? I’ve looked at both parts and they appear to accept the same style of cable.

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If you look at the ‘cable end type’ category on digi-key, you’ll see that the molex accepts a tapered cable end and the kyocera takes a straight cable end.

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The distinction is in regard to the shape of the FFC: “tapered” implies beveled corners
whereas “straight” does not.


Ok, thanks for the clarification. So, I would assume that a connector that takes a straight end would be able to take a tapered end, also. Is that correct?

In theory yes, though all such substitutions should be evaluated in context of the intended application.


Ok, thanks a lot for your help!