Is this FFC compatible with the Hirose FH12-6S-0.5SH(55)?

Just double checking, as I’m new to these connectors:

Will the cable fit the connector?

Hi, yes both are the .50mm pitch. just pick the 6 position cable in the length you need.


The other thing to make sure of is whether the FFC connector in question, HFJ106TR-ND in this case, accepts “Straight” or “Notched” cables, as per the “Cable End Type” filter. Connectors designed for notched cables will either not properly retain, or not actually mate in the first place, with straight-end cables such as WM22844-ND.

In this case the Hirose connector accepts straight cables so you should be golden as Glenda said, but it’s a potential ‘gotcha’ in FFC cable design to keep in mind.

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