Cross Reference for transistor SE3001

Searching for correct transistors for Kenwood KR4140. The transistors identify as SE3001. I have not been able to verify a crossover replacement. The original drawing are show a letter (W) and (R). Not sure what that suggests? One with the “W” has a white painted dot. The other transistor is apparently been replaced. Do not believe with correct type. or certain but looks like stamped as GE39,

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May I recommend this part:

Before joining the DigiKey team I assembled this video that walks you through the parts substitution process using the DigiKey partner NTE Electronics Inc. NTE has a solid reputation for providing substitutions for semiconductors.

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P.S. Be sure to look at the datasheet for the pinout. Sometimes it’s like playing the game twister when a TO-92 is used in place of a TO-106 package.

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