CT(CSE5-100701) maximum frequency


I have a question about the CT (CSE5-100701). It states that the minimum frequency is 250 kHz, which operates best above this frequency, but how much above? Can it operate a 2 MHz - 2.5 MHz?
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Ziliang Wu

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. I wasn’t able to find any other information stating what the maximum frequency may be for this part. The datasheet only has Optimal performance at 250 kHz and above for information.

Much depends on how the part is to be used and the sort of results that a person requires; it is a very different thing for example, to detect zero-crossings on a sinusoidal waveform @ 2 MHz, compared to needing to make accurate amplitude measurements during a 10% duty cycle of a square wave @ 2 MHz.


So if I were to use it for zero-crossing, the CT (CSE5-100701) would be good enough at 2 MHz, but the CT is not accurate at 2 MHz for RMS calculation?

Whether this particular transformer would meet your needs in either situation, I cannot say; I am simply pointing out that these two situations imply very different sets of requirements, and that asking if it “can operate” at some frequency is a question that may have different answers depending on exactly what is meant by “operate.”

In cases like this where the information provided by the manufacturer is limited and users’ needs may vary, the expectation is that users will conduct an evaluation of a product sample to determine if it will meet their specific requirements.