Not entirely sure what datasheet goes with this chip.

These outputs go to another 2 chips, here is that datasheet.
BD62321HFP (IC61,73-76) H-Bridge Driver.pdf (247.9 KB)
Any help is appreciated.
I think its an octal buffer but how can I determine which one it is?

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That’d be a fair guess, as there’s quite a few that match the top string. A person can whittle that down by package (take measurements…) but absent a manufacturer mark, the list is still fairly long, and not everybody spells out their date/lot codes in detail.

On the other hand, it’d be a fairly generic part and a person could probably do OK substituting one for the next.

These are all approximate
Not sure if there is a chart that other than the numbers that tells what dimensions the parts are.

From the datasheets I looked through, I was unable to find anything with this same top marking.

Comparing the list of options to the dimensions you have doesn’t give us a perfect fit, but if we assume your measurements might have been off by one millimeter or so, MC74ACT244DTR2GOSCT-ND or one of the other 20-TSSOP parts might be a good fit. Wasn’t able to confirm the specs on the original IC, so this still comes with a little uncertainty. The part number above has the top mark “ACT244,” so that seems to be our best option given what we know so far.

I’ll check them out, thanks again.