Cubicle Wall Accessories - Name Plaque Holder

Here at DigiKey we have many employees that work at desks inside cubicles. Ours are from the brand Herman Miller and even though they are no longer brand new, they work very well. My understanding is that some of the parts that we used to get are no longer available. This is what lead me to design and 3D printing some of the accessories we want and need.

Below you will see one of my designs. My hope is that it can inspire you to create your own solutions using 3D printing. If you want to use these you might keep in mind that the files may need some editing to fit your particular cubical walls. Ours measure 48mm in thickness and the top metal edge is just under 8mm.

Cubical Wall Name Plaque Holder

Name Plaque Assembly

Click the image above to visit the Onshape document for the following models

Name Plaque Bracket.stl (115.5 KB)

Supervisor Plaque Bracket.stl (60.2 KB)

Name Plaque .stl (1.8 KB)

Supervisor Plaque.stl (1.8 KB)

Keep an eye out for more of my creations as time goes on and feel free to reply here with creations of your own.

I use Onshape to create most of my designs. If you haven’t given Onshape a shot yet perhaps you should. It is very good at allowing multiple people to make their own iterations of a project. You can start by editing this file to suit your needs. Click below if you would like to learn more about them.

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