Current Direction Change for DC Power Supply


I am attempting to set up a system that allows me to reverse the current output direction from a DC Power supply (a BK1697b specifically), and ideally can be automated to do so whenever the resistance hits a certain point.

We are running an electrodialysis reversal set-up where the anode and cathode of the system can be changed to prevent scaling within the system. Currently we manually unplug and reconnect the leads from the DC power supply but would prefer to be able to either flip a switch or ideally have the computer flip a switch to reverse the current direction.

Any product suggestions greatly appreciated.

ramalone, Check out this link Polarity Reversal using a DPDT Switch

Hi Bob,

That’s helpful to get me started but are there any specific products you can point me to? The link in the reply for that post didn’t result in a workable search. I’m relatively inexperienced building proper circuits so a more off the shelf the solution would be great.



Please check out this link

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If you want to automate the switching process, a relay or analog switch IC with a DPDT configuration might be worth looking into if it can handle the power requirements. For example, a V23105 relay. The switching can then be triggered with a voltage from a microcontroller or a simple comparator circuit that measures the resistance.