Gyroscopic controlled motor reversing switch

Several handheld battery powered drivers have circuitry that senses hand position and stops or reverses the direction of the tool. I am interested in prototyping a device having a battery powered 3.7 volt miniature motor using similar control. I have breadboarded the device using a momentary on-off-momentary on, DPDT switch. What components and circuit are needed to replace the manual switch with the position sensing component?

Hi, Thank you for checking out tech forum. I am sorry, we really do not have any way to help in your circuit design, or be able to tell you what components would be needed to to do. We can search for component options for you, but you would need to know the types, sizes and values needed for your design. We would not be able to know what you would need for that. Glenda

Depending on the specific use case, such an application would typically incorporate an accelerometer, gyroscope, and/or both along with a mechanism such as a microcontroller for interpreting the signal(s) produced thereby and generating a desired control output in response.

As mentioned, provision of a part list tailored for the specific task is beyond the scope of services provided gratis by DK. This application note however does discuss relevant concepts, and may be helpful. Alternatively, design services are available from a variety of third party providers.


Thank you for the information. Our goal is to find the right freelance designer who can help with this project from start to finish and your extensive list of candidates/companies will be helpful.

David Hayes