Looking for a speed controller for PMDC Motor

So I have savaged a dc motor from an old treadmill and I need to speed control it and switch direction as well.
The spec:
kW 1.34
F.F. 1.05
D.C. AMPS 13.5
RPM 3400
D.C. VOLTS 130
Could someone please suggest which part/s do I need for it?


Using the speed control facilities original to the device would likely be simplest, as they’ve already been designed to accommodate the motor in question.

Assuming you have a brushed DC motor rather than a BLDC or a universal or something else, a common DPDT switch can be a straightforward means of direction control as described here and in may places elsewhere. Not all motors are conveniently reversible however, and taking the time to understand exactly what sort of motor you have would be useful.

Hi @rick_1976,

Thanks for the links, great explanation.

“Using the speed control facilities original to the device would likely be simplest”, unfortunately I do not have access to it, only the motor, so still need to figure out how to drive it and control speed.


Assuming you have a Brushed DC motor I don’t see that we have any motor modules close to that voltage/amperage.

Click Here for the parts here that I’m finding, voltage is too low.

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A triac-based dimmer switch feeding the motor through a bridge rectifier would likely be an expedient, if slipshod approach to the matter. The garden variety type one finds at hardware stores are typically rated for only 600W, though some are higher; those figures are for resistive loads however, and capacity will be less when driving an inductive load such as a motor.

By “slipshod” here I mean that catastrophic failure is extremely likely, since a device is being used off-label and out of spec. Something more purpose-built like McMaster P/N 7793K52 would be more appropriate; similar products can likely be found at lower cost from can-I-buy-a-vowel sources.

If one’s interested in learning about the underlying principles, I’d recommend Teccor application notes AN1001 through AN1009; the company was acquired a time or two, but the resources remain available on the Littelfuse site.