Electric Motor w/ speed control for mock disc brake setup

Hey everyone!

I’m working on creating a mock disc brake setup to demonstrate braking, and I’m trying to determine what type of electric motor I would need (with a variable speed control) to attach a rotor to that would give me around 3000/3500 rpm?

Let me know if you need any further information.




A plain 'ol brushed DC motor fed by a variable-output bench supply would probably be the most straightforward approach. The “CIM” motors used in the FIRST robotics competition aren’t ridiculously priced and are large enough to make a reasonably visible demo. Downside is that a relatively large bench supply like the 382275 would be called for if a person wanted to give it a decent workout. A likely cheaper if less convenient option may be to get an appropriate motor controller from the same source you get the CIM, and feed it from a 12V battery as is the fashion for the FIRST competitions.

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