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Will you look up a SAMYOUNG CD 256 CAPACITOR for match I bought a 390uf 250v installed and it got hot and POPPED ALREADY ? the SAMYOUNG CD 256 READS 390UF 250WV 105 C So I need another Capacitor please.

It looks like you ordered part 565-4439-ND. My only concern with just ordering another one, is if you have determined what caused the original part and the replacement part to become damaged? It that has not been repaired it is likely that ordering a new capacitor will not fix the issue.

I had 2 capacitors worn out by time and replaced both the 390uf blew out the other good and it was a loud POP SOUND last night ?

is there a stronger with more heat rating or can you match up like for like?

im not able to match specs exaclty

How fast did it pop? I’m wondering if it got accidentally reversed when replaced?


about 3 hours Im thinking maybe the solder job was’nt the best

is there a Good, Better ,Best version of that capacitor?

The Capacitor in question 565-4439-ND is rated for 250V volts. If we assume it was installed correctly, that’s a lot of energy needed to destroy it. For that much voltage, there must be some other damage on the board, is there anything obvious on the pcb?


Nothing everything else looks good

looks like carbon track across solder terms may have been the fault?

hate to say it —Maybe self inflicted i’ll try one more time what is the best one to go with?

Is there a better capacitor to go with?


Violent short-term failures of the sort described usually indicate a major fault of some kind. The specifications of the replacement mentioned would appear to be compatible with that of the original device, in which case simply getting a “better” device will not solve the issue.

Installing capacitors of this type backwards will result in their prompt, though not necessarily immediate destruction and would appear to be the most likely explanation for the problem.

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