Packaging in strip.
something like tray or bulk?

Thanks for posting your question on the Digikey forum. I did search for other options and there is not a tray or bulk version available for this part. I also checked for similar product in tray or bulk and wasn’t able to find any alternates to offer close to the parameters of part CVCO55CW-0400-0800.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply.
MPN : CVCO55CW-0400-0800

We need media in Reel, and we get quotation packaging in STRIP.
Would like to understand more in detail, how does the strip look like?
Any photo for reference? Packaging in STRIP look like tray form or bulk?
As we need to perform retaping from Strip to Reel, need more information to retaping house before proeed retaping.

Take a look at the data sheet link page 2 , you will see this part comes on a reel.