Date Code question

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what does a D/C for 17+ mean, is it the shelf life or that the product is 17+ old?

Welcome to the Technical Forum. Since multiple suppliers make this same part , we would need more information. They might not provide the same date code format. We might have to request you send a picture of the part and, the salesorder number or invoice number this was purchased on to .

Maybe someone else will see this and have more insight on what it means. I am not the only one that will see this post.

Hi @efrain.munoz ,

A date code specifies a specific date when the device was manufactured, and shelf life lists the days/weeks/years the product can be stored without use before rendering the product not for use. 17+ doesn’t appear to apply to either of these.

If you can, please upload a picture to this Forum, if there is any personal information on the photo then please send directly to aforementioned email.